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Ancient woods have rich, irreplaceable ecosystems. But they’ve been damaged by non-native planting and invasive species. We work to restore them to their former glory.

Credit: Ross Hoddinott / naturepl.com
Credit: Ross Hoddinott / naturepl.com
That's how low ancient woodland cover in the UK is.
These woods have developed over hundreds of years and rare wildlife relies on them. We work to sensitively restore what is left.
That's the percentage of ancient woodlands planted with non-native trees.
We gradually remove non-native trees to restore ancient woods to thriving habitats.
That's how many hectares of ancient woodland are under restoration.
We work with landowners to help them restore ancient woodland on their land.

We're bringing ancient woods back to life

These rare sites have been continually wooded for 400 years, making them homes to special species that truly rely on them.

Many were planted over with non-native trees which damaged their unique biodiversity. We work to slowly and sensitively restore them, and we're always looking to find woods to bring back to life.

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Ausewell Wood

Ausewell Wood is a wild and rugged woodland in urgent need of restoration. We want to buy this wood to ensure it is kept safe forever.  

Support the Ausewell Wood appeal

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We're working hard to restore sites

Our site managers work to sensitively remove non-native trees to let native species re-establish all over the UK.

At sites like Fingle, our case-by-case approach has seen old life flourish and magic restored.


Restoring Fingle Woods


Dave Rickwood, site manager at Fingle, is working around the clock to carefully restore Fingle Woods and create a precious sanctuary for wildlife. 

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We're working with landowners

We give landowners the advice and support to restore the ancient woodland on their land.

Not only does this work save rare habitats, but it can also produce income for owners.

Protecting trees and woods

Restoring ancient woodland

Ancient woodland restoration encourages these precious habitats to recover and reverse years of decline. Find out why it's important and what's involved.

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