Fundraising ideas for the workplace

Fundraising in the workplace is a great way to do something good for woods. There are loads of engaging ways you can involve your work colleagues. Here are some of our favourite workplace fundraising ideas to help you get started:

  • Walk or cycle to work. Challenge your colleagues to try a greener, healthier commute by ditching the car. If it's too far to walk or cycle, why not try the train or bus?
  • Throw an office bake off. Get your colleagues competing for the best cakes and biscuits, then sell the results.
  • Swap the coffee. Ask colleagues to donate the cost of their morning coffees for a month.
  • Get quizzing. Hand out quiz sheets and ask for a donation to enter. Or run a sweepstake on a contestant knockout TV show or sporting event.
Can't take the day off?

Want to support us but can't find the time around work commitments? Why not set up a JustGiving page and donate an hour's or day's wages instead?

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