We are facing a crisis for climate and nature. Trees play an essential role in mitigating this crisis. They lock up carbon, provide an alternative to fossil fuel energy, and provide valuable habitat for our declining wildlife. Woodland creation has never been so urgent or important.

Our passionate team are working every day with inspirational philanthropists across the world to plant beautiful, flourishing woodlands full of life, to restore damaged ancient woods to their former broadleaved glory, and to inspire millions of people to enjoy and protect our natural world.

What your gift could achieve

We know that when you give at a significant level, you want your gift to make as much impact as possible and to bring about change.

Your philanthropic gift could:

  • help save some of the UK's most precious, irreplaceable habitats from destruction
  • restore damaged and vulnerable woodlands, bringing back dappled sunlight and creating the conditions for specialist plants to thrive once again
  • plant the trees we urgently need to redress the balance for people and nature.

How we spend your money

83p of every £1 you give
is spent directly on woods, trees and wildlife

We can’t do our work without you. Every pound you give bolsters our fighting funds, pays for hard graft in our woods and gets trees in the ground. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what your money is helping to achieve.

See where your money goes

Our commitment to you

Your gift will make a transformational difference. In turn we promise to:

  • ensure your gift is allocated according to your wishes
  • allocate a dedicated member of our team to support you in your work with the Woodland Trust
  • invite you to experience, first hand, the work you are supporting so you can see what a difference you make
  • regularly report on the impact of your support
  • give you the opportunity to connect with our staff and senior leadership
  • invite you to exclusive events to connect with other, like-minded supporters
  • make sure you feel fantastic for having made such an incredible and positive contribution.

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Tax efficient giving

Make your money go further when you donate using tax incentives such as Gift Aid, Payroll Giving and other tax reliefs.

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If you are interested in making a major gift to the Woodland Trust, or want to know how your support can make a big difference, please get in touch.

Email KerrieJenkins@woodlandtrust.org.uk.

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