Temporary changes to our membership offer

We are unfortunately experiencing some disruption to services which means our full membership offer is currently limited. Regrettably, we are currently unable to offer family or gift membership.

We hope to resume our full membership offer soon and appreciate your support during these challenging times. The work your membership helps to make possible remains just as vital as ever, and your support is incredibly important to us.

For queries about new or current memberships, our team is on hand to help.

Contact us
By phone: 0330 333 3300
By email: enquiries@woodlandtrust.org.uk

Your membership – making a difference

Credit: Wild Dales Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

For wildlife

£4.00 a month could safeguard the future of woodland wildlife. Endangered dormice at Fingle Wood in Devon now have more space to thrive, all thanks to the habitat restoration work your membership makes possible.

Credit: Robert Thompson / naturepl.com

For woods

Support like yours funds our team of restoration experts. They work closely with landowners and across our own estate reversing damage done to ancient woodland, allowing it to flourish once again. Last year alone we brought more than 3,000 hectares back on the road to health.

83p of every £1 you give
is spent directly on woods, trees and wildlife

How we spend your money

We spend 83p of every £1 you give directly on trees, woods and wildlife. The other 17p helps us raise the next £1. But don’t just take our word for it.

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